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Thread: Polyhouse vs Greenhouse farming

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    Default Polyhouse vs Greenhouse farming

    I am a newbie in the field of horticulture. While going through this site, I came across the term "Polyhouse farming". Can someone please help me understand the difference between Polyhouse and Greenhouse from the following viewpoints?

    1. Types of crops that can be grown profitably in each. (exotic or regular)
    2. Available Subsidies for each type.
    3. Initial investment & setup costs for each.
    4. Maintenance costs for each.

    Thanking you in advance for your time and response.

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    Default Poly house

    Dear sir,
    Difference between Poly house and Green house, green house is broad term and polyhouse is one type of green house made out of polyethylene, it can also be with wood called Lath house and with Glass it is called green house.

    Cost of green house ranges from Rs.70/ sq feet to Rs.700/Sq feet depending on the amount of enviornment control u are looking for.

    Crops suitable are:- crops with low volume and high value ex.Rose,Carnation,Capsicum strowberry etc
    Mango and citrus and other high volume croms cant be grown area taken is more and less productivity.

    Subsidy: are provided by National Horticulture Mission and National Horticulture board ols visit nearest horticulture department.

    Maintance depend on the amount of enviornmental control, crop u are planning and also covering material used, wood may lossed with in three yrs. any details further pls mail to


    Kirti Naik

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    Thank you for such an informative explanation, Kirti. This is going to help me decided on my next steps. I will keep in touch with you as my plan shapes up.

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