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Thread: Stall Fed Goat Farms in Bangalore

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    Default Stall Fed Goat Farms in Bangalore

    Hi, I would like to visit some Stall Fed Goat farms in and around bangalore before I make up my mind to start one. Appreciate if you can help me with some addresses. You can send me a mail ...
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    Thumbs up Contact us-Sampada Farms!

    Dear Mr. Ravi,

    Please contact us by or call me directly on 09848203647. We will provide address and contact nos of the person who is doing stall fed farming of sheep/goat near Bangaluru under our guidance and consultancy.

    Raghu Ram
    Sampada Farms & Consultants
    M/s. Sampada Farms & Consultants, 405-Panchaseela Towers, Park Lane, M G Road, SECUNDERABAD-3. Telangana State. // Mbl:0 7730016616, 9848203647, Ph. 04027721868,

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    Thumbs up sheep farms

    Dear All,
    we want to sell 2 Nellore JODPI breeding rams along with our deccani females at our Shine farms Hyderabad

    In connection with this issue I am interested in sell to my 107 Deccani females Vaccinated against PPR, ET, FOOT & MOUTH disease along with there kids in month of October.
    The price of mature Female Sheep will be 3200 Rs and price of kids will be 1200- 1500 , Pregnant Females - 3800 Rs(the weight of females are 25- 30 Kgs).

    JODPI- 8500 Rs, Weight- 40-45 Kg, AGE- 2 1/2 Years.

    As all the sheep in the world except Garole of West Bengal and Merino Breed will be give only 1 birth in 1 year at a time, as only some one knows this fact but if we cross the Deccani female sheep with NARI COMPOSITE RAMS from NARI SEEDS, the daughters will be give 2 kids like Osmanabadi Goat if we again cross them with NARI COMPOSITE RAMS.
    I confirm that this project will be successful.

    Regarding the Nari rams, we can get from NARI seeds @ 10- 12000 Rs. Quality will be 100% pure and genuine.

    Note: Nari Compsoite Rams are made after 6 years of through experiments by crossing Deccani Breed of Deccan Plateau, Garole of Sunderban, West Bengal, Awaasi of Syria and Bannur of Karnataka and the Rams weight are more 50 kg.

    In India these Rams have been supplied to many Research centres,Universities, farmers and breeders in order to gain the advange of this breed.
    we have this Nari Composite breed at 2 location, with one NGO in Nizamabad and another with one farmer @ kodagal which they are crossing them with Deccani Females and they are getting 2 healthy kids.

    what i advice you, u can take Deccani females from our side, as u cant get more than 100 Deccani Vaccinated Sheep from one farm any where in Maharshtra or Andra Pradesh and regarding Nari Composite Rams from Nari SEED .

    if you are interested you can visit Hyderabad and our Sheep
    you can visit our website and see the videos also
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    goats for sale.we deals in all breed of goat (livestok) Goat Farmiing India is not a new name in industry, after the successful implementation of various agro based business concepts like aloe vera, we have come up with goat farming india after the great demand of over india.visit our website,Goat Farmiing India or feel free to call tks
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