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Thread: details about poultry farming

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    Default details about poultry farming

    I am SUNIL CV from CHICKMAGALUR, KARNATAKA DISTRICT, as iam intrested in doing a poultry farm, so please kindly help me about construction of poultry farm and how much chicken i can grow per square feet so please message me the cost of farm and details within two days

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    You can start a poultry farm at chikmaglur. Initialyy please visit a nearby farm for all practical expierience. Let us know r u interested in layering or broiler production.

    Site Selection
    1. Farm should be located at an elevated and well-ventilated site, away, from water ways, existing poultry farm / village poultry

    2. Shed direction should preferably be East-West .

    Purpose Activity. Minimum Distance

    Layer shed to layer shed 50 ft.

    Brooding I growing to layer shed 150 ft

    Feed mill / store 150 ft.

    Labour Quarters / Office, etc. 150 ft.

    Disposal Pit I Incinerator 500 ft.

    Between two Poultry units 200 to 300 metres

    The cost varies , you can contcat suguna poultry for details and also buy back.

    For availability of breeds please contact:
    Prof and Head,
    Department of Avian Production and Management,
    Karnataka Veterinary Animal Fishery Sciences University,
    Hebbal, Bangalore: 560024,
    Phone: (080) 23414384 or 23411483 (ext)201.

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    Default details about poultry farm

    hi ashwini thank you for your information
    and i want more information about broiler farming, for 1000 broiler chicken how much area it will required, please reply me as early as possible

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    i am a broiler farmer from maharashtra. kindly provide your contact deatails

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    Default feed for poultry

    hi to all who are already in poultry farming..

    i want to know the information regarding poultry feed formula. Can we prepare feed in our place.

    pls. explain the information reg. feed farmula.

    thanks & regards
    Please contact..
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