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Thread: Info on APSA 80

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    Default Info on APSA 80

    I want to know about apsa 80 in detail. Like its availability, use method, side effects, using method besides other pestiside and vitamins and others.

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    Apsa can be used in organic cultivation of crops. IT is an amway product. It is an spray adjuvant. It can be used with any pesticides. when added to water it makes the water wetter and increases the effectiveness of pesticides.

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    Default APSA 80 is All Purpose Spray Adjuvant.

    APSA 80 is All Purpose Spray Adjuvant.

    APSA-80 is an all-purpose spray adjuvant that is mixed with pesticides (insecticides , fungicides and post-emergent herbicides) to control insects, disease and weeds. APSA-80 includes 80 % active ingredients.

    Basically all pesticides, insecticides and herbicides are oil based. APSA 80 reduces the surface tension of liquids.When pesticides etc are added to the water and sprayed then due to suface tension .....water + pesticides will form semi-spherical droplets....and will not cover the whole surface of leaf. But if we add APSA 80 in additon to pesticicde,insecticide etc........the APSA 80 will reduce the surface tension of water and help pesticide to spraed more evenly...thus providing better protection for the leaf.
    APSA-80 contains surfactants that increase the wettability of the leaf surface. This improves the coverage of the pesticide and cause it to stay on the leaf . It also helps herbicides to penetrate the surface of the leaf faster and more evenly.
    Therefore APSA 80 performs 2 basic things.
    1. Reduce the amount of pesticide, insecticide to be used.
    2. Better protection for leaf.

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