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Thread: Cultivation of Gymnema sylvastre

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    Default Cultivation of Gymnema sylvastre

    Dear Forum,

    I'm a new member. I would like to thank you all for sharing the knowledge and maintaining such a wonderful forum.

    I'm having a query regarding the Medicinal Plants Cultivation.

    I'm having 2 acres of land at Mettupalayam, near Coimbatore. It is a very good soil with 24 hours water facility. Now I'm cultivating Banana trees and Curry Leafs.

    I would like to Cultivate "Gymnema sylvastre". Can anyone help me to know the details about the methods of cultivation and please tell me the place where i can get the seeds / stems.

    Please help me in this regards.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Kumanan. A

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    Default Gymnema sylvestre

    Its perennial climber and can grow for several yrs (10-15yrs), even without water. Plantlets/seedlings are planted in July or Feb. at distance of 1.25-1.50m apart in lines and plant to plant. It can also be kept as 1.50 line to line and 0.90 m from plant to plant.As such around 3000 plants per acre will be needed. When the plants are established and start growing,they are staked with wood or bamboo stick(support for nvines). Rope or MS wire structure can also be created. Harvesting starts 12-18 months after planting. From second yr onwards dry leaf yield of 400-500g per plant can be expected which may come approximately 1200-1500kg/acre.

    Better to arrange plants from local nurseries. Otherwise, pl let me know to explore the possibilities.

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    Default gymnema

    Tamil Nadu agricultural university coimbatore or Bharathiyar university Botany Department can be approached to get planting material. you can collect seeds from near by forest areas with help of local raw herb collectors .You can propagate it and many people are just talking about medicinal plants. But practically achieving people are very few.

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