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Thread: Gerbera vs Carnation

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    Default Gerbera vs Carnation

    I am planning to start floriculture in Bangalore. I visited few green houses and still doing research on various aspects before jumping in to this field.

    My plan is to do floriculture in one acre of land. I am getting multiple advices on Gerbera and Carnation. Please help me in finalizing the crop.

    My findings on Gerbera and Carnations:
    1. Gerbera plant is having a longer life span of 2-3 years compared to Carnation (1-2 years)
    2. Cost of Gerbera plant is 4 times more compared to Carnation plant
    3. Carnation need additional netting and misting for Bangalore conditions
    4. Market value for Carnation is more than Gerbera
    5. Quality of Carnation flowers will be lost after the first year
    6. Both Gerbera and Carnation will yield around 10 lacs flowers per annum
    7. Market rate of Gerbera is very unstable, compared to Carnation

    With all the above conditions I am really confused about which crop is better to grow. Which crop will give better returns and less risk? Can some one please give me a better advice.
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    Dear Sir

    i will suggest u to go for gerbera in Bangalore conditions.

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    Dear Mr. kumar
    Compare with Carnation,Gerbera expenses will be little high but profit wise Gerbera is good. I do agree with Mr. Kirti's advice for Climatical condition the Gerbera is good for Banglore.

    with regards

    ramsamy g krishnarj
    East Africa

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    Thanks for the suggestion.
    In my research I came to know that Gerbera is having market value only during few months ie, Sept -Dec. Rest of the months the rates are very low. But Carnation is having a steady market value through out the year. Is this true? Please reply.

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    I visited the Auction market (IFAB) last weekend, and was surprising to see that there not much buyers for Gerbera. Most of the buyers were for Roses and few for lillies and carnations. And people from the Auction center are suggesting not to go for floriculture as the expense is too much.
    Please let me know what you are thinking.

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    Default Green House manufacturer

    Dear Sir,

    We can provide poly house including erection at the site.

    Satyabhama Engineers

    Please contact...
    Prakash Chopade
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    Dear Mr.Sajith Kumar

    Entering into a business means risky factors also go in hand. So be prepared to face the risky situation.

    you are interested in floriculture business that too fresh flower exports , a perishable commodity business. Your enthusiasnm to market survey is a good approach.

    But if you are really interested in floriculture business I can give you the following suggestions from my consulting experience:

    1. Go for crops in which you are hvaing a thorough knowledge.
    2. Mostly flowers have good markets during festive season. For domestic market during the festivals (i.e for loose flowers) and for international market mostly during Christmas, New Year, Valentine's day , Mother's day
    3. Accordingly you have to plan to get the output during those period
    4. Seek for permanent buyers and have a good contract with them

    Surya Narmada
    Horticulture/Arbitration Consultant
    Horticulture/ Agriculture Arbitration Consultant, Chennai, India.

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