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Thread: melia dubia

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    Default melia dubia

    Good Morning,

    I Want know Melia Dubia plant history, what are it's uses, after Marketing, cost of wood (per tone - dry or wet), where is its buyers.

    Thanking you sir,


    Vasanth Malavi
    Please contact....
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    Question Melia dubia fast growing with softwood

    Melia dubia
    Synonym : Melia composita ;Melia candollei ? ;Melia linnaeus ? Melia azedarach L. var australasica (Different from Melia azedarach )
    English: White cedar,Tulip cedar ,Chinaberry ,Marking Nut, Malabar Neem, Persian lilac Pride-of-India, China tree,
    Vernacular names : Tamil: Malay vembu; Masaveppu ;Malai vembu Malayalam: Aryaveppu; Malaveppu ; Valiyaveppu; Kattuveppu Kannada: Betta bevu; Heb bevu ;Olle bevu Thur bevu Telegu :Arcini karra Hindi:Bakain; Bakayan Bengali:Ghoranim;Ghoraneem Marathi:Limbara
    family Meliaceae, mahogany family
    MELIA DUBIA - It is called as MALAI VEMBU in Tamilnadu. It is considered as the fastest growing tree.It can be done in two ways. One by taking seeds but it takes about 5/6 years to fully grown tree. The other way is by cloning and it will take 3/4 years only. The quality of the wood by seed germination process is very good. It is used for multipurposes,vz. Bio-Mass for power generation, Veneers for Plywoods, Boat and Catamarine building, House contruction work and furnitures
    *** The timber is very light & easily attacked by termite/white ant.
    Melia seedlings best planted in June-July...seedling about 6'' to 8". Will grow to 3 feet very quickly and thereafter it is difficult to transport
    2nd year thinning can fetch Rs. 75000 ( per acre...match industry can pay even twice the cost per tonne 1000/tonne at farm...delivered at Erode etc. about Rs.1500/tonne... around Rs. 50000 per acre
    High calorific value...very suitable for energy plantation?!
    Melia dubia contacts/resources
    Pugazhendi, President South Karnataka Tamil Sangam Federation
    Gundalpattu Near Chamrajnagar
    growing Melia for plywood industry in partnership with Balakrishnan. Per cubic foot Rs. 200/5th year 15 Cubic feet per tree
    100 km from Sathyamangalam via Chamrajnagar
    Planted 5' by 5'..1750 trees per acre..check..2nd year thinning to 10' by 10'...2 lakhs per acre for firewood
    Seedlings from Mysore Ravindra Shenoi
    6" seedling grew to 15' in 8 months. Pits 1.5' by 1.5' by 1.5'.. drip fertilizer
    Shri N.L Chandkumar, Deputy Conservator of Forest, Kolar
    Shri Manjunath, DFO, Assistant Silviculturist, Karnataka Forest Service
    Experienced in clonal propagation of Melia dubia seedlings
    Residence about 30 Km from Hosur

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    Dear Sir

    Melia dupia is an important crop of landscaping especially concerned with MOEF planting pattern. It is an environment tree and has many many uses medicinal, air purifier, wood purpose has very good scope in botanical gardens.

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    Default Melia dubia saplings


    Sudhir Pai

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    Default Melia dubia

    We are having the melia dubia seedlings with us .we can supply any quantity of your requirements.usually it can be used in playwood industries ,biomas project, photo frames ,now a days major portion used for furniture like interior decorations. Regarding the timber value is not stable.Some times the buyers offer higher rates like Rs4000/- per ton .sometimes they offer for RS 1500/-per ton .This is the major setback in this plantations.The rate of the timber will allways variable.

    For more details plz contact us;

    A Sivakumar
    Priya Nursery Garden,

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    Thanks for the detailed information and reference. I would like to have more visibility in biomass industry.
    1.What is the market rate(Rate/tonne) for melia dubia in Biomass?
    2.When the trees are suitable for biomass?( 2 yrs, 3yrs....)
    3.What would be the approximate yield per acre if planted in 15 X 15?

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    Who is supplying the clones ( tissue culture etc) , what are the prices of the plants, how do they compare with seedling plants ? in terms of growth / wood value ?

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    sir i am intrested in clones immidiatly
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    Default we can supply

    We have Melia dubia plants. Nuresey is near Hyderabad. We can supply to anywhere in India.

    Sampada Farms & Consultants

    040 27721868, 64641344
    M/s. Sampada Farms & Consultants, 405-Panchaseela Towers, Park Lane, M G Road, SECUNDERABAD-3. Telangana State. // Mbl:0 7730016616, 9848203647, Ph. 04027721868,

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    Default Need Melia Dubia for Two Acres Nr.Shankarpally-Reg

    Sir we need Melia Dubia for TWO Acres Nr. Shankarpally.We are having Borewell and Drip also.Kindly inform us as to How many Plants can be Planted Per acre and what is the Cost of each Plant. at your Farm or at our Farm.We will order IMMEDIATELY.Kindly Consider a Reasonable Price we being small Women Farmers

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