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Thread: the HF(cross breed) cow

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    Question the HF(cross breed) cow

    hi ....i am started a small dairy farm. i want to purchases hf(cross breed) cows from can i choose a better cow.? What are the basic features of HF (cross breed) cows? And suggest me some tips in mind to purchases of HF cows.pls wating for ur reply.

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    Default starting tips

    Pure HF cows are to my knowledge not suitable for indian condition. So in India we have HF, Swiss brown and jersy cross breed with sindi or other indian variety. HF appearance is black with big white patched, swiss brown is full black and jersy is light brown in color.
    Before buying any from a farm please personally be present at 3 continuous milking times ie in the evening, then next day morning and then in the same day evening. This is to make sure of the quantity of milk. Dont believe the person selling it. make sure to take samples from these to be checked by a veterinary doctor, best is take the doctor to the farm to do checking, he may bring a test kit with him & let him visually check the cow. Only this way you can make sure of what you are buying.
    There are very good websites like VET Helpline (India).Com Go - Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra ----> Institution devoted to R & D on role of cow and its progeny in support of human life. First page etc.
    When you get any tips or info send it to me also at

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