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Thread: Farm for all plant types.

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    Default Farm for all plant types.

    Hey all,

    Today I would like to show you my farm for all plant types (except vile mushrooms and normal mushrooms). The design is quite simple. It uses dart traps to cut the plants. Each plant specific area has 3 levels and each level is 114 blocks long.

    - 684 dirt blocks
    - 342 ash blocks
    - 342 snow blocks
    - 342 sand blocks
    - 684 mud blocks
    - Some grass seeds
    - Some crimson/corruption seeds
    - Some mushroom grass seeds
    - Some jungle grass seeds
    - Around 8-10 lava buckets
    - 8 levers
    - 24 dart traps
    - 8 signs
    - Some chests for loot
    - A lot of wire
    - 1302 wooden platforms
    - Bricks for the edges and background walls
    - Seeds for each plant type to start the farm off

    You MUST have player-placed background walls if you want to prevent monster spawns. It won't stop those extremely annoying wraiths from spawning outside and coming in, but it will stop every other monster type.

    The levers are used to control which kind of plant is cut. Originally I had it so all of them were cut at once, but seeds are necessary to continue planting and some plants only bloom at specific times, thus only giving seeds at those specific times. In order to fix this issue we simply go down to farm at the necessary times for each plant and only farming that plant.

    The only area that requires special attention for collection is the fireblossom area. The lava makes it difficult to collect the middle row. I did not realize this until after I had everything built so my work around is to simply equip a lava charm and run through the top level lava to collect the middle level plants and seeds.

    There are corporate videos that will show you the actual farm.

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    Amazing article thanks for the impossible quiz

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