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    scope of floriculture in India spefically in small area cultivation

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    Hello Dinesh
    With the increase in buying capacity of people, the flower lovers have now started buying them from the markets to beautify their home as well as to adore some one they love simply because they don't have time and enough space to grow flowers particularly in urban areas and in metropolitan cities. Flowers, it seems, is the most wanted item in any social occasions for conveying one's status and aesthetic sense. Flower is now so indispensable that one may cancel his her birthday celebration or Yama may postpone the death of a dying person in case flowers are not available at that time. No nuptial is performed and honeymoon of a young couple is not consummated till garden fresh rose and rajanigandha or tuberose with lingering and stupefying aroma are made available. Warm welcome cannot be offered to VIPs in the public functions without bouquet - flowers are so indispensable!
    All these, no doubt, have set flower business on a top gear. One may wonder, the global market on flower is at present, carrying a business worth 2000 crores US dollar (1992) par annum. India is also having a business worth R.280 crores in her domestic market (1992-93). Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) conducted a survey of assessment on the possibilities of cut flowers trade in India during 1960-62. An important conclusion was that an internal sale as RS.9.26 Crores worth flower weighing 10,460 tones grown in an area of 4000 hector. Flowers like Rose, Gladiolus, Tuberose, Chrysanthemum, Aster, Carnation, Orchids, Marigold are most popular in cut flower market all over the World.

    With the varied agro-climatic conditions of the country, no doubt, we have got good scope for the development of ornamental flowers like Rose, Gladioli, Tube rose etc. But, for all these we have to develop package of practices and post-harvest technologies so that their quick dispatch to foreign markets will be ensured. The foreign markets will however depend much on the quality of the produces.

    area under floriculture in India (Ha)
    Karnataka 19,161
    Tamil Nadu 14,194
    West Bengal 12,285
    Andhra Pradesh 5,933
    Maharashtra 3,356
    Rajasthan 1,985
    Delhi 1,878 Haryana 1,540
    Madhya Pradesh 1,270
    Uttar Pradesh 1,000
    Others 2,166
    Total 64,768

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    Thanks I am planning to develop 4000 Sq MTRS green house for floriculture in Himachal. kindly suugest some tips for marketing from this part of country

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    Can anyone post a statistics about cymbidium orchids trade in India State wise

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