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    My name is Ravi and i have just bought 4 acres of land at Gauribidnur area.

    Would like to start a Village Tourism Home Stay along with a traditional farm and a bit of animal rearing including dogs.

    Can anybody be of help in guiding me, please reach me on 9740111654 or 9902000096.



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    Dear Ravi,

    Thank u for choosing green developement activities, we are warm welcome to green farm devlopement.

    pl go for identified water resource ie hydrosurvey for digging of well or bore,Then classified crop like leafy veg or 3months,6,1 year

    crop/plantation,my opinion go for short term crop like corinder, carileaf,Moringa,papaya,Banana,Honey bee rearing,Sericulture unit Tender coconuts,Guava/ goat farming,pl

    decided to getting eletricity ,Fencing like live/berbed wire/diamond wire/solar depends up on your place,Fencing border area cover with Timber value crop,its more useful

    for animal feeding and also wind barrier and income generation etc,To adopte to honey bee rearing to improve to flower setting and small income generation,To adopte

    to vermicompost unit to useful for veg,and floriculture means jasmine,rose,Tube rose cultivation to getting more revenue(if daily market near by area)To cultivation only

    organic type to getting high price,more demond and easily marketable, Now days animal science more income compare to agriculture science,pl make personal site visit and interact

    farm workers and develope your field experience and know field problem.if need any help to contact:

    Good luck

    with regards,
    Saroni agri farm clinic,

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