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Thread: Plan and layout for goat farming

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    I am planning to start shed fed and commercial goat farming in 2 acres of should I plan the layout?? where should the shed and fodder growing should be etc....
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    Get our Commercial Goat Farming Report that includes all the details of Production. Mail us for details.
    Manoj Singh
    CAS Agribusiness Services
    Chandel Agritech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 09810931908
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    Thanks for the response

    This is based in vellore district, I could see that you are located in Delhi, wondering how could you help?
    Looking for some one locally who can help.

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    Basic requirements to start a Stallfed goat farm:
    1 .One acre agri land for every 40 goats to cultivate fodder.
    2. Investment capacity ranging from Rs.6 to 12 lakhs for 50 goat project.
    For more details, Plan a visit to our farm.
    We allow farm visits on Wednesdays and Sundays between 10.30 am and 11.00 am to our farm. You need to confirm your appointment on the previous day of your visit.
    Our Services:
    1. Excellent Parent stock supply in goats.(Talacherry and Boer Breed)
    2. Complete Consultancy to start a stall-fed goat farm.
    3. Computer Software solutions for goat farm management and profitability calculations.
    4. Turn-key projects to stall fed Goat farm.
    5. One day In-farm Training in Commercial Goat rearing.
    6. Goat rearing Equipment’s Sale.
    7. Sale of Slotted plastic flooring for Goat farming.
    Vijay Farms,
    Premier Boer and Talacherry Goat Breeders in South India, Villupuram Dist, Tamilnadu.
    Mobile: 08903471006, 09843071006, 04146-230218

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    You will get complete details on goat farming regarding shed, fodder, vaccinations,current expenditures,current profit rates,government subsidy and many more from our Goat Farm Project Report, which is based on our practical goat farming experience,since years. To know more about it please visit our website Osmanabadi Goat or
    After reading the project report,further if any query arises you can mail us,but we think you will surely get all your queries answers in our project report.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay2013 View Post
    I am planning to start shed fed and commercial goat farming in 2 acres of should I plan the layout?? where should the shed and fodder growing should be etc....
    Hi jay2013,

    Since you are talking specifically about the layout, as a layman I can think of the following possibility.

    1. If you are going to maintain the goats, it means that you will also have proper place for yourselves or "farm helpers" to stay & look after the goats. This will be mostly closer to the farm gate.
    2. If that being the case, I will keep the sheds closer to the house where the people stays so that it is easy for maintenance, avoid theft, etc.
    3. If the shed is taken care of for the goats, naturally the other places are available for fodder cultivation.

    Hope this helps!!!

    Padmanabhan Ganesan
    Agriculture for Everybody
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    Dear sir.

    I am an consultant for he goat farming plz send me full details, How much goats you like to start is it male or female. Infrastructure what you like to apply, Land water electric Power availability. Plz mail me.

    Thanking you
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