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    Default Eucalyptus Plantation

    Iam Ch.Venkata Subbarao, planning for Eucalyptus Plantation in 30 Acres land near Nellore(Dist).

    Basically iam a Chemical Engineer(12yrs exp.)and interested in Agriculture.

    I did Post graduate diploma in Sustainable Rural Developement from NIRD, Hyderabad.

    Iam collecting the deposits from public. Max. amount is Rs.15.0 Lakh only.

    The deposited amount planning is as below

    Project tag: Eucalyptus Plantation

    Required Investment: $15,00,000

    Minimum Investment: $1,00,000(Per name)

    Maximum Investment:$2,00,000(Per name)

    :5th year :$2,00,000
    :7th year :$1,00,000
    :9th year :$1,00,000

    Total returns(Bond will be issed): $4,00,000

    Amazing income Eucalyptus plantation scheme
    (Attractive investment proposal).

    3 time returns in 9 years.
    Minimum investment per name:One lakh
    Maximum investment per name : Two Lakh only
    Maturity period on first return: After 5 years
    Maturity amount after 5 years : Double of the investment
    Bonus amount after 7 years : Invest amount
    Bonus amount after 9 years : Invest amount and bond validity closed.
    Assured yield by the company.
    Plantation will be done within 90 days from the date of deposited.
    Secured and assured returns.
    Apply the terms and condition as per company norms.
    Investment on land will keep appreciating.
    Genuine investors can establish contact with us inmediatelly.


    Eucalyptus plantations benefits - Societal and Environmental
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    Hello Sir
    pls may I know why do want Eucalyptus planting. Eucalyptus sucks all water which is one of the main problems of planting Eucalyptus.
    U may think of crops like Melia dubia, Ailanthus, Casuarina.

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    iam planning in waste land developement in hill/forest area. How is my plantation scheme.

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    hi sir,

    Actually we have no water source.That's why i think for Eucalyptus plantation. the mentioned crops like Melia dubia, Ailanthus, Casuarina....

    First time i have hered that type of crops. where end use and marketing.

    yeild per acre. what is the plantaion cost/acre

    Eucalyptus demand in market and yeild / acre. pls suggest me.
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