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Thread: Use of Gobar gas for production of electricity

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    Default Use of Gobar gas for production of electricity

    Hello sir,
    How can i use gobar gas for production of electricity using generator?.... is there any machinary / generator available in the market.... plz. guide....

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    Hello Sir
    There are different kinds of technology to convert the chemical energy in the biogas into electricity.
    Energy conversion mean a process where one type of energy is converted to other one.
    In biogas conversion the chemical energy in the molecules is converted to mechanical energy in a controlled combustion system, then, this mechanical energy activates a generator producing electrical power.
    The gas turbines and the internal combustion engines are the most common technologies used to this kind of energy conversion.

    In the agricultural sector the biogas produced, mainly in anaerobic digestors feed by manure residues, can provide energy surplus to, depending on the number of animals and the technology used to treat their residues.
    The following types of waste material can be used to generate electricity as well as Bio-gas for cooking. The details of easily available waste from your local area :
    Animal dung
    Food waste from hotels
    Kitchen waste from hotels and apartments
    Agricultural waste and other energy crop
    Potato processing industries
    Slaughter waste, fish waste
    Waste water from milk industries
    Poultry farm and diary farm waste
    Distilary waste water
    Municipal solid waste (Only bio-waste)
    Quantity of gas generation depends on the type of waste we use. The output of gas generation is different from each waste. The segregated waste should be free from plastic, metal, glass and other non-biodegradable materials.

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