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Thread: wants to open Gaushala

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    Default wants to open Gaushala

    We are Non- profitable trust & wants to start a Gaushala Ashram for old , sick , & street Cow to give them shelter & treatment ,our mail purpose is to stop killing /slaughter for cow meat.
    Any body can suggest how to proceed further.
    All comments & suggestion are welcome.
    Awaits .

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    hello Sir

    Gaushala is an Indian shelter for homeless or unwanted cattle that often also serves as a center for breed improvement and for study of bovine nutrition and welfare.

    U can make a visit to
    Om Vishwa Deep Gurukul
    Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram
    Education & Research Centre
    Address: 306 401 Jadan, Distr. Pali, Rajasthan
    Telephone: +91-2935-274-035, +91-2935-274-071
    Fax: +91-2935-274-008

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    dear Ravi
    which locality you suggest urban area or rural area

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    Arsh yog jankalyan TRust
    We are running Non- profitable trust last from 5 years & we wants to start a Gaushala Ashram.
    so please guide us how to start this.

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    Anyone interested in opening a Gaushala may contact me at

    I have been in dairy business for some 7 years and can help you in the technical part of it.


    Heramb Gupte

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    Dear Sir,

    I am Satish Karotia residing at Navi Mumbai. I want to start a Gaushala at Navi Mumbai and wanted some guidance from you.
    Please let me know how to go about it.

    Ram Ram,
    Satish Karotia

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    I am Raajan from mumbai. We are the group of four and would like to open goshala for non milking and milking bharatia breed cows.We intend to start this goshala nearby dahanu to sanjan.
    We are also interested in zero budget farming side to side and medicines from gomutra and cowdung.
    Like minded people are welcome to join us.
    We are in search of a suitable land for the same,
    79 77 03 49 86

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