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Thread: companies engaged in vermicomposting in Howrah

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    Default companies engaged in vermicomposting in Howrah

    I am interested to learn the name of different companies that are actively involved in vermicomposting in Howrah district possibly close in Uluberia, Panchla, Dhulagarh?
    I am aware of a food processing indutry that wants to send its solid waste for vermicomposting.
    Kindly reply.

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    Here is a list of few companies

    Popular Plastics & Packaging Industries, Kolkata.
    Address: No. 6, Marquis Street, 2nd Floor, Kolkata - 700 016, West Bengal, India Phone: 08376809587

    Ganapati Nursery, Kolkata
    Address: Village- Umedpur, P. O. Chaulkhola, P. S. Nodakhali, District South 24 Pargans, Kolkata - 743377, West Bengal, India Phone: 09477210100

    M. B. Natural Product Corporation, Kolkata
    Address: No. 1/h/11, Ramesh Dutta Street, Kolkata - 700006, West Bengal, India Phone: 09231916662

    Samadhan Agrotech, Bansbaria

    Address: No. 49/43 J, Premchand Nandan Road, Goswami Bagan, Hooghly, Bansbaria - 712502, West Bengal, India Phone: 09836009701

    Lila Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
    Address: Supravat Apartment, P - 476, Basunagar, Gate No. 2, Madhyamgram, Kolkata - 700129, West Bengal, India Phone: 08377800951

    Ashwini S

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