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    I am a registered farmer staying at Puttaparthy. We are the proprietors of Sai Gayatri Dairy Farm in Puttaparthy, Anantapur Dist., A.P.
    We need a loan from bank for our proposed Dairy Farm project in Puttaparthy. We are having 5 acres of cultivable land & 2 borewells. We need a Dairy Farm Loan for 50 cows/buffaloes. The yield of cow/buffalo should be 20 litres per day. We want to avail this loan from state govt of AP for our Dairy Farm Project.

    Sai Gayatri Dairy Farm

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    Hello Sir
    You can get loan in your state by passing all of their needed requirements.
    Usually they require a loaner to be a citizen of the area or a non-citizen that is qualified.
    You must have a concrete business plan stating your purpose and methods of running the farm.
    A compete financial statement is also required in order to measure your capability of paying back the loan.
    You must pass the requirements of the DOH since dairy farming is in line with food business.
    Police clearance is also required.
    This will prove your credibility and capability of running a legal business.
    You should also abide by the sanitation band waste disposal given by the law.
    Previous loans can also hinder your federal loan.

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