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Thread: Punjai land required

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    Default Punjai land required

    I require land of 2 to 3 acre near Dindivanam /villupuram /pondicherry area with 2 -3 lacs /acre. can I have for agriculture farming ( natural way of farming using organic compost)

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    Hello Sir
    Yes Sir u can have organic farming as the "Organic Farming Council of Punjab” has been formed to promote and develop Organic Farming and to advise the State Government regarding policy initiative on Organic Farming and Value Addition of the crops produced under the programme.
    Organic Farming Council of Punjab is implementing the ambitious programme to promote and adopt Organic Farming in Punjab, on a large scale.
    Holistic support beginning from seeds, inputs and the consultancy up to produce which includes all cultural practices for various crops is provided to the farmers by the extension service providers.
    Marketing support is also being provided by the Council with buy back of organic crops from growers at a premium price of 10%, 15 % and 25 % over and above the MSP, declared by the Govt. for the 1st , 2nd and the 3rd year respectively.
    About 350 farmers with approximately 1800 hect. of land have been registered with the Council.

    Pls contact
    2-A, Sector 28-A, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh - 160002, INDIA .
    Fax: 91-172-2657398, 2651561
    EPABX: 91-172-2651576, 2656241, 2656242, 2656247, 2656272
    For land requirement put a message in farmland forum.
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