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    Default Start a diary farm

    I planned to start a small dairy farm with 4 cows iam from tamilnadu ,nagai district can any one suggest me which breed is good for our climatic conditions cow which provide 10l/day.

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    Indian breeds and Jersey

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    Go in for native cows as they are disease resistant and their milk is having medicinal properties and thick with fat and snf.People started preferring native cow milk only nowadays and maintenance of these cows ,as compared to cross breeds,is minimal.Moreover,you can put to use the cow dung and urine in your agriculture and the remnant can be sold for which there is a very good demand.Feed cost and Vet expenses outdo the income from sale of milk ,in case of exotic cows,whereas,the Indian breeds can get on normal green and dry grass as well as kitchen waste etc.By far,the Indian breed cow dairy will prove to be economical in the long run.

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    Cows and Buffaloes available at lowest price

    Dear Dairy farmers,

    We are running a dairy farm and also supplying cows to dairy farmers all over Tamil nadu, Andra pradesh, Kerala,Karnataka. We have HF, jersey,sindhi cows and Murrha, cross breed Murrha, surthi buffaloes

    Currently we are supplying cows to Hatsun(Arogya), and Aavin(Govt) dairy farmers

    We have good healthy cows all are vaccinated and giving good yield i give 100% guarantee that these cows have repregnant capacity. we are also running a dairy farm totally 70 cows and 56 buffaloes available here

    Mostly we have supplied many cows and buffaloes to Andra pradesh Govt load holders

    We are a genuine dairy farmers we are running a dairy farm since 1966


    Cows rate:

    1.Which yields 10-12 liters milk at 25000 to 29000

    2. 6 to 8 liters milk yielding cows at 19000 to 23000

    3. 20 to 25 liters milk yielding HF cows at 30000 to 37000


    1. 6 to 8 liters yielding at 26000 to 28000

    2. 8 to 12 liters yielding at 30000 to 35000

    3. 12 to 14 liters yielding at 35000 to 39000

    We have very healthy and good cows only our customers are very happy with cows

    Please feel free to calll me

    Address :

    Murugan Dairy farm



    Tamil nadu

    Ph: 07639299186

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