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Thread: does ginger farming affect soil fertility?

  1. #1 does ginger farming affect soil fertility? 

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    Dear Friends,

    Many people say, ginger farming will spoil the soil fertility, is this true?
    can any experts answer to my question?
    i am planning to grow ginger in 4 acre as an intercrop with silver tree/hebbevu, but many of my friends scaring me saying that it spoils soil fertility and affect my silver trees as well.
    can anyone help me in getting reliable information.

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    Hello Sir

    Selection of Planting Material:

    1) Select healthy rhizomes free from diseases (rhizome rot and leaf spot) and pests (rhizome fly).
    2) Sprouted rhizomes are broken into pieces keeping 2-3 sprouted eye buds on each rhizome.
    3) Each piece should be 2.5-5 cm long and 20-25 g in weight.
    Ginger can be planted from start of May up to middle of June.2nd forth night of May is found to be the best time for planting of ginger.
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