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Thread: Dairy farming in kerala

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    Default Dairy farming in kerala

    I am planning to start a dairy farm in kerala with 10cows. From where i can purchase high yield cows in kerala? What will be the initial cost? What will be the operating cost?

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    Hello Sir

    first of all i will suggest u to pls make a visit to some dairies so that u may get a glimpse at what actully u want to do.
    u can visit

    Dairy Development Department,
    Telephone: 0471-2445749
    Fax: 0471-2444987
    Mobile Phone Number:9447477799
    visit:Dairy Develoment Department

    Dairy Development Department
    Pattom Thiruvanathapuram
    Contact person: Shri. Subrata Biswas
    Principal Secretary (Additional Charge)
    Tel:0471-2335452, 2518313
    M: 9446581100
    E-mail: prlsecy@
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    Default dairy farming

    hello All,

    I also want to start dairy farming with 10 cattle please guide me and suggest me some new ideas or modern techniques to improve farming. i also want to make report for this. Please help me out.

    Thanks - Nilesh.

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    Thumbs up 10 Animal Dairy with cows

    For a 10 animal dairy farm with cows can be started modestly with 6-7 Lakhs . You are required to raise fodder crop like napier grass at least in two acres . The expenditure will be as follows:
    1 Cattle sheds & Other structures Rs,
    i Cost of construction of cattle shed for 10 cows with thatched or asbestos roofing 150000
    Sub-total 150000
    2 Machinery & Dairy equipment
    i Chaff Cutter 1 HP motor 25000
    ii Wheel Borrows 1 (Rs.3000/- each) 5000
    iii Cans & implements 5000
    Sub-total 35000
    3 Working Captial
    i 10 Cross bred ows @ Rs.40000/- animal (includes transportation ) 400000
    ii Working captial - Feeding cost for 10 animals for 2 months & raising of fodder 21750
    iii Insurance for cows 8000
    iv Insurance on Assets 250
    Sub-total 430000
    Total 615000
    You can procure cross bred cows like HF or Jersy in the towns and cities. Or from Karnataka or Tamil Nadu

    If you are approaching any Bank for a term loan of Rs.5 Lakhs you may contact me for project report and techincal know how.

    G.Ananda Rao ,B.Sc (Ag)
    Vijaya Agro consultants

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    we are very glad you have decide to start a dairy farm- but here are some crucial information about water treatment that you have to look after

    Water contaminants can be diminished significantly or even totally disposed of by a assortment of treatment routines. A few techniques are more compelling than others, yet for treating water for animals utilization, financial matters are a vital issue. The taking after areas basically audit the most widely recognized routines utilized for water treatment.
    Actuated Carbon Filters: This strategy depends on going water through a channel containing actuated carbon granules. Contaminants connect to the granules and are evacuated. Chlorine, some natural mixes connected with shading, smell and offtaste of water, mercury, a few pesticides and unstable natural mixes can be uprooted by this strategy. The channels must be reviewed and supplanted much of the time. Poor channel upkeep will diminish adequacy, and may bring about bacterial development on the channel, bringing about potential pollution of the water with pathogens.

    Air Stripping: This system for water treatment includes passing dilute a tube while air is constrained up through the tube. Contaminants are exchanged from water to air what's more, vented off. This technique may be successful in uprooting hydrogen sulfide, some smells and tastes, and some unstable natural chemicals. Bacterial development can be a potential issue.

    Natural Filters: This technique is successful at uprooting iron, arsenic, and organics. Manganese can be evacuated with a pre-treatment of an in number oxidant. A microbiological layer is utilized to channel and expend contaminants. Organic channels for the most part require rare discharging, be that as it may, some are touchy to variable stream rates and perform better with a steady stream rate.

    Chlorination: This is a standout among the most well-known routines in water treatment for pathogen lessening in drinking water for domesticated animals. Chlorination is considerably more compelling if it takes after a filtration framework to evacuate huge particles that can house microscopic organisms. In specific, this is a powerful and broadly utilized strategy to execute numerous sorts of microorganisms in water. It likewise helps in evacuation of undesirable shading, smell, or taste from water and will likewise evacuate hydrogen sulfide and broke up iron and manganese, if taken after by mechanical filtration. On the other hand, if the framework is not appropriately worked, it can be conceivably perilous. In run of the mill frameworks the chlorine substance of the treated water should be nearly observed so it is not hurtful to creatures. High convergences of chlorine discharged to the dairy farming water framework may influence water admission and execution of dairy animals. Chlorination of water containing elevated amounts of natural contaminants may bring about the arrangement of possibly harmful mixes.

    Coagulation: This is being utilized as a part of animals operations to uproot fine particles, iron, arsenic, manganese and organics. The evacuation of particles preceding chlorination makes sanitation significantly more compelling and this is a standard treatment of surface water former to chlorination. The coagulation chemicals, for example, aluminum sulfate (alum)

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