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    Dear Sir / Madam

    I want to know the benefits of Surul pasi & secondly how much area is required to do the process. Please give guidance.
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    Surul pasi English name is spirulina. It is an Algae.

    benefits of Surul pasi : Spirulina has very high protein content ~70% (more than meat).Additionally it has minerals and iron.
    It is converted in to pellets and sold as green food supplement tablet.
    product produced will be consumed by human beings and cattles.

    how much area is required:
    To harvest 10 kg/day approximately 2 cent (40 square meter) with good sun light and water are required.
    Best way is grow in 10' X 4' X1.5' cement tubs in open place (Requires sunlight).
    Usually inoculum/seed material obtained from reputed sources. and the algae grow rapidly.
    The biomass with water is harvested by nylon mesh filter, concentrated and neutralize with acid. Then it is dehydrated and marketed.
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    sir how i can harvest it. Is there any seed for it?
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    No need of Seed, contact Home Page for Spirulina cultivation training, For marketing and Buying of Spirulina contact
    Salveoxe spirulina
    Manufacturer of Magnetised Spirulina
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