Dear Members,

We are the manufacturers of "WIN-EA-CROP" 100% Organic High Yield Fertilizer, that increases the Medicinal Crops yields by 30% to 75%.

WIN-EA-CROP is the only High Yield fertilizer available in India at very economical price, to increase the Crops yields and Soil Fertility.

WIN-EA-CROP is certified by various Agriculture Universities, Government Research Stations, National and International Institutions for its excellent Crop productive performance.

WIN-EA-CROP is a certified Organic Fertilizer by OF&G of Europe. WIN-EA-CROP technology is officially nominated for WORLD FOOD PRIZE FOUNDATION, USA (equivalent to Noble Prize in Food & Agriculture productivity).

WIN-EA-CROP technology is represented to the Honorable Central Agriculture Minister in support of SECOND GREEN REVOLUTION targeted to Double the farm-productivity and farmers income.

Farmers are welcomed to utilize WIN-EA-CROP High Yield Fertilizer to increase the Yields & Quality of various Medicinal Crops. Please send your inquiries through Private Messages.

DK Prabhaakar, CEO,
Advaanced Biotech Research Projects.