Dairy Business:-

Dairy is a good venture, as the demand of milk is increasing day by day. One must start the dairy with a clear market study. Everything matter in dairy, even the living environment of the cattle will affect the production.
The dairy department comes under the Animal husbandry department of the state governments. All the necessary assistance are provided by the dairy development and the animal husbandry departments. The banks and other financial institutes also provide the subsidy for the dairy development.

The new entrepreneur must start with the few cattle; it will assist you to study the market, the production cycle of dairy and the input management. This will work as an experiment and one will secure the investment in the future venture.

Normally the one buffalo cost 40-50 thousand. And the same amount will cost for the fodder. Other major expenses are infrastructure, disease, delivery, and the concentrate at the milking period.

Mostly dairy farming is profitable with the agriculture cultivation. The wastage of the both venture will be used as input. The crop residual will work as fodder and the animal dropping will work as manure.

The farmers are also advised for the cattle insurance. Please discuss your query and doubts here related to the dairy farming.