Dear Mango farmers ,

why hi-density planting in mango?

More number of mango plants per unit area, more yield and more income

Spacing recommended is 5m * 5m = 160 plants per acre where as in normal conventional method only 40 plants are planted

Even closer spacing like 5m * 3 m, 3m * 2.5 m, 3m * 3 m are followed

Mango plant selection - Dwarf tree type are preferred, veneer graft and epicotyle graft are recommended for hi-density mango planting method


After plant reaches one meter height in about an year cut the growing tip one foot below in such a way that the cut is made just above nodal ring

Then lateral shoots will develop ..leaving 0nly 4 strong side shoots of the size about 0.7 to 1.00 meter remove all other shoots

Remove those branches of shoots hanging down and touching soil surface and other weak , criss crossed and diseased shoots. this will enhance more light penetration and aeration in mango. By doing this all available nutrients will be diverted to only productive shoots of bearing mango

Only lateral shoots will give shape and more bearing shoots ..hence upright shoots growing upward must be tipped, allowing lateral shoots

Time - october -november is a right month for training

Every year after harvest light pruning is done during July to September -dry and dead and fruited twigs are removed - This will induce more new flushes and more flowerings in pruned mango trees

Use sharp knife or secature to prune and cut the twigs ..care should be taken not to remove bark from the wood of mango tree when pruning is carried out

Apply copper oxy chloride on the cut ends to avoid any infection..

After pruning is done , nutrients must be provided to mango plants along with irrigation ..

Also note that for mango trees " CHINESE HUMIC ACID " is highly recommended for its multivarious role in quality mango fruit production..

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