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Thread: KNOWLEDGE SERIES 2A-by Agri-division of carnay group of companies

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    Hi farmers,
    soil composition is made up of the following.Mineral matter 45%, soil water is 25%, soil air is 25% organic matter is 5%.

    This is a must for efficient production system in agriculture. Where as indian soil is lacking enough organic matter and its availability is less than 1%. The reason being repeated application of chemical fertilizers , negligence about organic amendments which needs to be incorporated thro' green manure, green leaf manure, farmyard manure, compost and application of bio fertilizers and other organic amendmends . Also soil must be given resting period to recoup its natural fertility status. But due to continous cultivation people are using only chemical fertilizers overlooking organic manures.

    Secondly our country is predominantly tropical and subtropical in climate where soil living micro organism are more active and use all available humus rapidly and depletes it. Because humus is food material for bacteria ..whenever temperature is more , bacterial population will also multiply fast and to sustain its growing population it fast depletes the available humus in organic matter content is naturally low in indian soil..

    This is because of continous cultivation using chemical fertilizers only that now our indian soils are lacking in enough organic matter.

    Where as western countries which are located in mid latitude experience predominantly subtropical and cool temperate climate where activity and population of bacteria will be comparatively lesser than that in tropical climate. so organic carbon percentage is comparatively higher in western countries which need little addition of organic 500 ml is enough per acre of the land..

    Here one should note that when humic acid isapplied thro' fertigation or foliar spray one should use 500 ml or little lesser ..that too 2-4 times based on the duration of the plant age and growth..even in this case too the requirement is calculated to be around 2.5 to 3 litres..

    where as we recommended 25-40 litres of humic acid per acre as soil application.

    One acre is 4000 square meter .Top 15 cm ie, 0.15 meter of top soil is active in microbial population particularly soil bacteria. So 4000 * 0.15 =600 cubic meter of soil will house innumerable bacterial population . Just iamagine 1 gram of fertile soil contains 1 billions of bacteria . when all bacteria multiply , grow and die it leaves its dead wall, mucilagenous secretion containing amino acid, vitamins etc to soil and also forms filmy coating around soil particle thus improving soil structure and soil fertility status.

    Here farmers should understand one thing ..some humic acid as claimed by some one as organic is not at all purely organic acid. Because pottasium is added to humic acid .why added? this potasium will be absorbed by humic acid and it becomes K humate being positively charged..when these potasium humate forms a film layer around each soil particles , invariably all soil particles will carry positive charge charges repel each other is a soil will become loose and crumby so as to allow free air and water among soil soil will be conditioned to allow luxurious plants growth..

    There are two kind of humic acid coal based and other is peat peat based humic acid is superior in action and its real effect in soil and plant system..

    Humic acid is a complex organic acid containing humic acid of high molecular weight , fulvic acid of lesser molecular organic acid and humin . Here fulvic acid plays a key role by chelating with micro nutrients available in soil and taking them directly into plant system where it activate biological reaction and efficient plants development and productivity of plants. The humic acid forms a filmy layer around soil particle and play its role in exchange of potasium and phosporus between roots and soil..

    by volume out of 600 cubic meter of soil , 45 % being mineral matter ie,for 270 square meter soil , will half litre of humic acid be sufficient ? Nearly 2 ml of humic acid is sufficient to cover 1 square meter of soil? Just think..why 25 to 40 litre is recommended per acre..

    See the humic acid is playing part of the role in soil, part inside plant system and some is used as direct food for bacteria in many different way..

    The hydroxy and phenoxy functional group in humic acid are playing important role in plant nutrients made available from the soil..

    In this circumstances and the prevailing market price of humic acid will it be possible for a poor farmer to purchase 25 litre of humic acid @ Rs.100 per litre?

    So it is frugal and economical to apply chinese humic acid available for lesser price.There is no difference between humic acids produced in different countries..It is a final decomposition product .No further decomposition takes place on it..this too recommended for those farmers who could not get enough farmyard manure and other organic manure..All dead plants and animals invariably produce humic acid as it undergoes is a natural process..Even when you apply farm yard manure and green manure it also produce humic acid but best in quality compared to that of direct humic acid obtained/ manufactured from coal..

    we should not blindly follow on research paper published by foreigners .Whatever they publish holds good for their countries only..not for india..Indian climate and western countries climate and as also the soil types are not same every where..

    Crop production is the factor of sum total of quality seeds used, quality inputs, soil fertility . climate, prevailing climate, timely cultural operation and other associated crop management practices..

    Just by applying humic acid alone the crop will not register effective growth and yield as some one claims..

    The Agri division of carnay group of companies study well about all agricultural inputs . practices and new technologies from the veteran agriculture technocrats and organic scientiest to bring best out to the cause of poor farmers..

    The carnay group is always functioning in the promotion of farmers interest and their welfare thro right technologies and agriculture information..

    Thanks & regards,



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