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    i want to start a new business with floricultur.
    i am interested in green house of dutch rose and garbera.
    and i have 1 acer land to start this business. so it is profitable or not..???
    how much i invested firstly..??
    plz. reply my question m waiting..

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    hello sir
    Per flower cost of cultivation of roses is much higher (Rs. 6.85) than that of Gerbera (Rs. 1.04). Production of Gerbera is also quite profitable.

    The polyhouses in which cutflowers are grown are of various sizes ranging from 500 10,000 sq.m. (One hectare).
    They also differ in terms of cost as
    low cost-Rs.125/m2
    medium cost- Rs.500/ m2 and
    high cost-Rs.2000/ m2, depending upon material used for construction and other facilities provided in them.

    An investment in a polyhouse of one hectare size with medium cost comes to almost Rs. 50 lakhs, which is quite high. Considering high initial investment, the Government of India has introduced scheme of subsidy from 10% to 50%.
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    Default shrushti hitech


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    Dear All,
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