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    Default agricultural land

    Dear friend,

    I want to purchase a land for agriculture and farming purpose in Karnataka.

    Description of the land i need:

    1) Place: In Karnataka (preferably near chintamani)

    2) Land : 1 acre land For Agriculture and farming (with water facility) preferably near road

    3) Purchasing Price : 30000 to 350000

    4) people who are willing to sell their land (with all assured documentation) with above description can contact me at the earliest convenience

    thank you

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    contact me nine nine eight six zero nine eight four five three... land situated on Hosakote- chintamani road (43kms from bangalore.... 40kms from kolar...3 km from H cross Junction...30 kms from chintamani) per acre 15 to 20 lakh if interested contact nine nine eight six zero nine eight four five three

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