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Thread: Request your opinion on the Land prices around Hyderabad

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    Default Request your opinion on the Land prices around Hyderabad

    Hello All,

    I like to request your opinion on the status of land prices around Hyderabad, Is it a right time to invest in Lands near Hyderabad now?

    Keeping in mind the silence on the Telangana issue as of now and the sudden spurt in the construction activity in the residential Apartments sector from last few months, The prices of Lands surrounding Hyderabad (75 to 100 KM's radius) have started to grow with a fast pace now.

    Hope this continues - and the land prices touch the realistic figures soon (Which had gone down drastically since a long time back)

    The lands are fertile with good ground water, electrical power available, very good infrastructure of roads and connectivity - All this makes a wise decision to invest in these lands now.

    Kindly write without hesitation.......

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    I am also interested in similar information. thanks for raising this question.

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