FORTUNE FARMS [Regd.Trademark] of Global Business Council for Sustainable Developments[Green Trust] Promoting BURHEE DATES PLANTATIONS UNDER COMMUNITY FARMING SYSTEM.

About Dates Palm

BURHEE DATES are very nutritious fruit,rich in vitamins,iron and calcium.

These are consumed as Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits,Dates Syrub,Milk Shakes,Jam,Health Drinks etc.,

The annual Indian consumption of Dates is 1.96 Lakhs Metric Tons.

90% of India's Dates requirement is met by Imports

There is a general understanding with Indian Farmers that the Dates are Desert Plants and it does not grow in Indian climates.

So there was no systematic cultivation of Dates in India for a Longtime.

They are already grown in few parts of Gujarat,Rajasthan and Maharastra in a successful and highly profitable manner compared to other plantations.

Dates palm gives yield from third year onwards and lives upto 80 - 100 years.

The real facts of Dates(Arabian variety) are from palm family and it grows in tropical climatic conditions.

This can be grown in desert and also regular farms even in riverbeds and lake beds with good water resources.

Dates can withstand of -2 deg to 50 deg Celsius requires very little water.

Good disease and drought resistant.

This makes it a suitable crop for dry lands where the water availability is very less.

By proper cultivation techniques and use of Bio-organic nutrients with good water resource management we can get a very successful and profitable crop in many parts of India.


* Minimum 1 acre and above area

* Land registered in your name

* Common pathway and fencing

* Drip Irrigation with Solar Power system

* 24x7 Security

* Only for Gated Community

* Plantations and Maintenance for 3 years free of cost

* After 3 years Maintenance and service charges apply.

* Farm house / Health SPA in every location and members can utilize @ Discounted Tariff.

* The cost of 1 acre Dates Plantation will be Rs.10 lakhs only.


* 25 kg / Tree (3rd year onwards) 50 Tree / acre x 25 Kg =1250 kgs @ Rs.300 / kg =Rs 3,75,000 / acre (prevailing market rate in Tamilnadu is at present Rs.300 to 350 / Kg).

* 50 Kg / Tree (4th year onwards)50 Tree /acre x 50 Kg= 2500 Kgs @ Rs.300 / Kg =Rs.7,50,000 / acre.

*100 Kg / Tree (5th year onwards)50 Tree / acre x 100 Kg =5000 Kgs @ Rs.300 / kg =Rs.15,00,000 / acre.

*150 Kg / Tree (6th year onwards)50 Tree / acre x 150 kg=7500 Kgs @ Rs.300 / Kg =Rs.22,50,000 / acre.

* 250 Kg / Tree (9th year onwards)50 Tree / acre x 250 Kg=12,500 Kgs @ Rs.300 / Kg =Rs.37,50,000 / acre.


* For booking confirmation Rs.1,00,000 / acre

* At the time of Agreement Rs.3 lakhs advance to be paid

* Within 30-45 days the land registration will be done and the balance payment must be paid at the time of registration + the actual expenses like required stamp papers, registration fee etc.,

* After registration the original documents will be given to you with in two weeks

* The Payments should be either cheque or DD in favour of Global Business Council for Sustainable Developments Payable at Tirupur,Tamilnadu.

* After completion of registration formalities the site work will be started within 60 days.

* Before and after commencement of the plantation work,proper intimation will be given to you.

* You may visit your farm at anytime with prior intimation.

* At the time of harvesting the Dates will be sold at market rate and the benefit will be given to you.

*In the meantime you can sell your property to an added value through our trust.

Interested Investors may contact:

Raju V R Palanisamy,
Managing Trustee,
Global Business Council for Sustainable Developments (Green Trust)
Dharapuram road,

Phone:+91 9363002171 / +91 9842220585