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Thread: Dairy Cattle Farm in Thrissur Dist., Kerala

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    Arrow Dairy Cattle Farm in Thrissur Dist., Kerala

    Planing to start a Dairy cattle farm. Urgently need valuable / expertise assitance. Kindly help.
    Please contact.....

    Best Regards,
    Abdul Rasheed
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    Default Dairy Farm

    Hi Mr.Rasheed,
    We are from Chelakara, Thrissur. We are running as dairy farm here.
    You can contact us for ay assistance.
    mobile 09447151594

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    Default Plz help

    I own a land in Jharkhand Jamshedpur & I am intrested in Dairy farming, please give me all details for it or any book or website that provide all knowledge about method, farming techinics, price & budget means all all.

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    We at Model Dairy Consulting Services provide our clients complete end to end solutions in dairy farming. Our services start right with the conception of idea of an ideal dairy farm fully customized according to the local environment and client needs. We are the only dairy consultants in India which actually own and operate a 250+ cattle breeding Farm with Indian born Pure HF (F6/F7 i.e.92%+ exotic blood level). Our consulting services focus on efficiency as well as efficacy. We assure not only timely completion of project but also on optimum utilization of resources. Our Consultancy Services Include all aspects of dairy farm operations some of which are mentioned below:-
    1. Project report preparation (50 lakhs to 10 crores)
    2. Developing Standard farm operating procedure and annual business plan
    3. Farm layout
    4. Manpower planning and solutions
    5. Tailor – made Training sessions
    6. Sourcing of Livestock
    7. Fodder management
    8. Computation of feed.
    9. Farm mechanization
    10. Optimization of operating costs and efficiency ratios
    11. Designing of most economical, comfortable and secure cow sheds and other required spaces.
    13. Assistance in marketing of livestock after 2 years (even complete buy back arrangement can be worked out for pregnant heifers.)
    Salient features of our A-Z Dairy Consulting Services :-
    Technical knowhow matched with 30 years of practical experience of owning and running a dairy farm.
    Focus on maximizing productive investment and minimizing investment on non productive items.
    Selection of plant, machinery and equipments to be need based and not based on whims and fancies.
    Alternate designs offered in most fixed investment so as to minimize it.
    Guaranteed savings of 15 to 25 % in your project cost.
    Guaranteed lucrative returns on investment.
    Most economical and rational service charges.

    For Trade inquiries or more information kindly visit or contact at:
    Model Dairy Farm,
    Naramau, G.T. road, Kanpur – 209217 (India)
    Phone: 09936286478 , 09936296361.

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