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Thread: Details about windmill

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    Smile Details about windmill

    Hi friends,
    I am interested to buy a windmill (single unit) in Tamilnadu. Any one have knowledge about the pros and cons of having a windmill, kindly share with me. Also want to know the investment required, expected income etc.

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    Default Details About Windmill


    We can arrange for setting up a wind mill in Tirunelveli District (near Tenkasi) ON a TURN KEY BASIS project and the details of which are given below:

    - One Point of land (about 1.5 to 2.0 acres of land)
    the land will be provided in the area where the wind velocity is maximum.

    - Cost of windmill machinery including installation.

    - Liaisoning with Tamil Nadu Electricity Board for getting the permission, tieup for purchasing the electricity produced etc., and other with local administration and the Government of Tamil Nadu and Central Government.

    - AMC for two years.

    The cost of the total package of the above is Rs.3.15 Crore.

    The expected production of electricity is about 14 lakh units per annum.

    The price at which the TNEB is purchasing is Rs.2.90 per unit.

    In addition to the above you will get 40 paise (0.40 Re) per unit towards CARBON CREDIT for using non conventional energy.

    Besides depreciation, other significate expenses are:

    wages for security staff which will be around Rs.1.00 lac per annum.

    Kindly provide your email id and mobile phone number to enable me to post further details.

    Regards and Thanks.

    Yours truly,


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    Default investing in wind mill

    The only attraction in wind mill is the accelerated depreciation allowed in your income tax. If you calculate the income and expenditure for ten years and take the tax rebate also into consideration, you will find that you have not gained anything. IT WILL NEVER GENERATE THE POWER PROMISED BY THE MACHINE MANUFACTURERS. Instead of that, you can invest the same money in Mutual funds which will give you atleast 25% gain every year tax free and doing nothing ! Or you can buy a few housing plots which will grow several times over a short period of time.
    Wind mill manufacturers are simply swallowing all the profits immediately on selling the machine.Can any body justify the price of 5 crores for a 600KW wind mill? 5 crores is 500 lakhs! I can buy two piper aircrafts for that price!!!! I have studied this subject for 15 years and this is my advice for you.

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    Thanks vasu1946 for your insights. Your suggestions gives us some economics on the subject. I was also thinking about the feasibility of the project for the personal farm house purpose.

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    Default wind mill investment

    Dear sir,

    About wind mill query i pleased to share about my view.
    One wind mill(15 mills) second sales of each Rs.70 Lacs. Total cost of Rs. 10 Crore(Approxi).In tenth year your return will be Rs.37 crores(Approxi) including usage of wind energy,land cost,after deducting depreication, maintainence cost.If we are thinking in business side it is not worth.If you are using electrical energy for your usage it is worth for that.Otherwise it will be asset.Government is also insisting the shifting to non-conventional energy.Wind mill is the one of the best options .

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    Default for Vasu

    Hi Vasu,

    I am Subodh from Maharashtra. I beleive your study in wind mill is very good. Thats the reason am asking ou this question.

    Can i have a small wind mill which will just charge an inverter and give me sufficient energy to run a 1/2 to 1 HP water motor. The amount of water required for my plants is very less and am thinking seriously about a small wind mill.
    If you can throw some light on this it will be very helpful. Also the cost involved.



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    Smile windmill water pumping

    Dear Brother

    What we understand is you are looking for a water pumping system through wind mill, but you did not mentioned quantity of water required to be lifted for your farm land, and any servey you gone through that proves your area is haveing potential wind to do so.

    Insted of charging battery and convering to AC suppy to pump water,

    why dont you try to run your pump with wind mill directly and store water in a tank at higher level, after release the water to your field when ever required. if you follow this system cost shall be very less compare with inverter and electrical motor.

    Hope you had clue to do it cheaper and less technical maintenance.

    Your comments are wellcome.

    With best wishes.

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    Arrow Wind Mill

    Dear Sir,

    I can get you a Wind mill with a capacity for producing 1,20,000 units per day.

    You have to make a refundable security deposit of Rs. 50 Lacs with the mill owner. Maintenance is the job of the Mill owner.

    Further it will require about half acre of land where there is enough wind.

    If interested please let me know.


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    Default Wind Mill

    Kindly Contact Mr Santosh Kamat Director of Aura Mira Energy based in Chennai at Please tell him that you got his details from Optimus Interweave based in Melbourne. Our website is You Found Us

    CV Prakash

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    Default Thanks to all

    Dear All,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Dear Mr. Shaikh

    Building a water tank at higher level is exactly what i am planning. My farm is in the hills and as you guessed there is plenty of wind for a wind mill. I need around 15000 litre water after every 2 days.
    My plan was to build a storage tank on the hill and using the electricity from the windmill and a small pump store the water in the tank. I think 2 days is a sufficient time to store 15000 litre water. I thought of the inverter because i cannot afford a big wind mill which can directly operate the pump. So i thought a small pump and an inverter just in case if the wind drops.

    I think my thoughts might work. Please help me out with the practicality of the same.

    All you guys seem to be an expert in the subject and i am just a new comer.



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