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Thread: Wanted agri consultant in tamilnadu, tenkasi

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    Default Wanted agri consultant in tamilnadu, tenkasi

    I have a 70 acre agri land in the foothills of Western Ghats near Tenkasi. I have around 500 Amla trees & around 500 teak trees, and have plans for cultivation of Pomegranate, Lime, Mango, Papaya, Drumstick & Medicinal Plants, all integrated with dairy & animal husbandry [goats]. I am going for a NHB project with bank loan

    I am looking to appoint a agri consultant that will

    Support in rejuvenation of our existing Amla & teak plants
    Work with us in short listing viable crops
    Assist in development of in house bio fertilizer & bio pesticides units; vermi-compost units
    Offer consulting & technical support for plant growth & development, including periodic field visits, monitoring
    Assist in Infrastructure development
    Assist in marketing
    Preparation of project report; Support in securing bank loan and NHB subsidies

    Interested consultants from Southern India may please send me private message with their contact numbers, email ID

    I look forward to hearing from you



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    Default agro consultancy

    Kindly send your contact details
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