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Thread: Start your own small scale dairy goat unit

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    Default Start your own small scale dairy goat unit

    For producing better quality milk for cheese-making, ghee and cosmetics like goat milk shampoo and soaps. As we all know that a goat breeding unit can be successful only if all aspects of commercial production be it the kids, or milk or even the goat manure. Breeding a goat for good offspring is a goat breeder’s main agenda but marketing milk and milk products can make managing expenses a very easy affair and increase profits.
    We are here to help you to start a dairy unit and manage it efficiently. We provide PPR vaccinated pregnant goats and also kidded goats which are actually producing milk. In fact maintaining both pregnant and kidded goats in equal proportion sees to it that there no break in production.
    We also supply dry fodder at reasonable price along with proper guide-lines about nutrition and maintenance of your unit.
    There are a few things which you have to make sure as a must rule like;
    1. Proper vaccination from your end against locally prevalent diseases. Your local veterinarian will help you with this.
    2. Insuring each goat as soon as it reaches your farm premises.
    3. Year-long supply of palatable and nutritious combination of green legumes and grasses, and additional nutritional supplements like calcium and b-complex syrups.
    4. Warm and comfortable housing for pregnant and kidded does and also newborn kids.
    5. Proper feeding of colostrums to newborn kids.

    Any excess milk after feeding the kids can be marketed easily as people readily know that goat’s milk is less contaminated than cattle milk and is more easily digestible by humans.
    If immediate marketing of fresh milk is not feasible in your area then you can go for alternatives like converting it in to semi-perishable commodities like cheese, ghee and cosmetics like soaps and shampoos. You may have to go through locally available training programmes about home soap making if you already do not know.

    For further details contact 09715724769,09746096691
    or visit Home
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    Default to start dairy goat unit

    This is R.Ravichandran from tamilnadu intrested to start dairy goat farm. please guide me.
    Thank you
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