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We, "NIRAMAY BIOTECH" is a Vadodara, Gujarat based consultant for greenhouse and other agriculture projects.
At present greenhouse is very usefull for cultivation of all exotic vegetables and flowers.

Advantages of Greenhouse:
1. It provides optimum condition for your plants.
2. Saves grocery expenses.
3. Protection of plants by heavy rainfalls, drought, and other environmental harsh conditions.
4. No season gardening (Crops can be grown throughout the year).
5. Pests and diseases can be controlled easily
6. Labor requirement is less.

Govt. of Gujarat (50%) and Govt. of India (25%) both provides subsidies for the greenhouse construction.
Greenhouse construction cost around 30-35 lacks per 4000 sq m. and for that you will get 50% subsidy according to the project proposal filed.
Market for the product can be found very easily as the quality of the product is exportable.
Flowers and other vegetables can be exported to the other countries and get a good income from there.
Your capital cost can be recovered in 1-2 year only (depends on the plant and prize).
Govt. of Gujarat permit maximum of 4000 sq m greenhouse per farmer.
loan and other facilities can be provided from the other organization also on their respective interest rates.

If you need more information regarding this and want to build a greenhouse on your farm you can mail me on my E-mail ID

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