Agri Entrepreneurship Education Program
(for students only*)

If you are currently a student in any university you can join this program for FREE.

For the next 12 months, you will be invited to participate in online meetings with experts and successful agro entrepreneurs. See the list of forthcoming meetings and completed meetings.

You can attend as many meetings as possible depending on your time availability and interest.

In these online meetings, you will gain new information, make new contacts, and develop the confidence to ask questions. We encourage you to participate and ask questions in online meetings.

If you try to attend many meetings you will find this a valuable educational experience.


*Student ID proof required

If you are not a student you can sign up for our premier membership

(Optional) Student members can apply for an optional Certificate of Participation.  If you wish to get a Certificate of Participation you can contact us after you attend minimum 25 meetings. We will give you a short test to complete. If you complete the test successfully you can apply for a certificate by paying a fee of Rs 1000.