For Students

Enrol for the online agri entrepreneurship education program

Participate in online meetings with experts and successful agro entrepreneurs.

You will get a certificate of participation. You can mention this certificate on your resume.

For one year you will be invited to participate in online meetings depending on your interest and convenience.

In these online meetings you will meet new people who can give you ideas and contacts which may help your career.

The benefits of this online education program are:

  • Certificate of participation (given at the completion of one year subject to terms and conditions).
  • Connect with potential employers for virtual internships opportunities.
  • Email invites to join every meeting.
  • Join the meetings from your mobile (using mobile app) or from your computer/laptop.​
  • Receive PDF copy of the magazine “Agriculture & Industry Survey“. This is an English monthly magazine with summary of the main discussions.

How it works?

Here are the guidelines for the issue of the certificate:

1. Register to attend the meetings by becoming a “premium member” of You will start to receive email invites to attend the meetings. 

2. During the year attend as many meetings as you can. Try to participate in the meetings by asking questions.

3. End of the year (your one year subscription period) contact us to claim your certificate. At that point, we will provide you with a short survey form to ask the meetings you found useful and memorable during the year. We will issue the certificate. 

By joining the meetings and asking some follow-up questions you will learn many new topics and network with people who can help you in future. This is the learning experience we hope to provide you.  

Just attending one online meeting during the year that changes your thinking and career is worth this fee!