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Provides consultancy for green house erection. Based at Pune, Maharashtra

Mayur Umap
Mayur Umap

Sriroz Consultants was established in 1990. The company is located in Pune, Maharashtra state. Mr. Mayur Umap is the Planning and Strategy Head of the company. The company involves in activities in all types of polyhouse erection according to different climatic conditions.

The structures vary according to regional requirements. The company boasts that it has worked on more than 1,800 acres in the past 22 years. The company’s main customers are farmers and its annual revenue is around Rs. 20 crores.

The height of the green house is 6.5 metres with shade nets and insect nets are the main features of the structures. Cucumber, tomato, brinjal, lettuce and zucchini are commonly grown in green house set up. Vegetables like Broccoli, icebergs lettuce, cherry tomatoes and zucchini are not preferred by farmers to be grown in green house as they are not profitable compared to other crops like capsicum, tomato or cucumber. According to a survey, their consumption is also low in India.

Mr. Mayur Umap opines that there should be rationalization in tax structure. The government is levying heavy tax on our products and this results in the pricing of the product. If the government channelize these taxes then India can be the leading exporters in global market be it flowers or vegetables.

Entry of big retailers like Walmart into Indian market breaks the chain of middle men who eats away major portion of the profit. The farmers will definitely earn more profit on the spot market.
Mr. Mayur Umap is an M.Sc in Taxonomy (Botany) from Pune University and he has got 5 years of experience in this field.

Mr. Mayur says “subsidy should be same throughout India. At present there are different subsidy schemes in each state. If the subsidy is same throughout India then the farmers thinks of entering the farming field.’’

A piece of advice: Farmers should change their views towards the farming field. Though the initial investment is big for this sector the farmers will benefit in the long run. The farmers can sell their products very easily if they form groups and cultivate.

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Farmers are the backbone of the country and the government should give all types of facilities like relief in tax, subsidy and liberal export policy.

Source : Agriculture & Industry Survey