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AV-1 : Widely accepted manual equipment for weeding and intercultural operation in SRI (System of Rice Intensification) field in all types of soil region for every user to operate freely especially women users.
AV-2 : : Manually operated for weeding between rows of paddy crop. It has two conical rotors mounted in tandem with opposite orientation.
AV-4 : Designed and manufactured in concern with progressive farmers. Can also use for making furrows or loosening compact soils. Designed to reduce back strain. Wheels are compact with bearings for smooth operation
AV-5 : Used for weeding in row crops for removing shallow rooted weeds,It is also used for grass cutting and making furrow. Three accessories (Grass cutter, furrower and digger) attached to the same weeder. Wheels are compact with bearings for smooth operation.
AV-9 : Weeding in row crops for removing shallow rooted weeds. Wheel fixed with bearing for easy operation.
AV-10 : A simple and light weight manually operated equipment for weeding and Consists long handle, three sweep type blades.
AV-17 : Dry land Weeder is manually operated equipment widely used for weeding & intercultural operation leading to better soil aeration and plant growth. Ideally suitable for SWI Wheat, Maize & row crops including vegetables.
AV-21 : It is very easy to operate and is ideally suited to the needs of marginal farmers who cannot afford to maintain bullocks.