Treatol – Seed Treatment

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TREATOL increases germination percentage, enhance early germination TREATOL protects seeds from insect damage, Maintain shoot health increases Vigur TREATOL increases nutritional uptake by healthy roots & protects from infection of fungal & viral diseases in critical primary stage of crop TREATOL helps crop establishments, for long lasting result to increase crop yield.

Wheat, paddy, maize, red gram, green gram, pegeon pea and all other pulses and cereals, groundnut, potato, cumine, funnel, coriender and all other cash crops. Tomatoes chilly, brinjal and other vegetable crops and seedlings of all horticulture crops.

Take 4 – 5 ml of TREATOL per kilogram of seeds add sufficient water. Apply gently on seed to 30 minutes. Dry the seeds for 5 hours in shadow before growing.