PROTON Crop Booster

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The farming with saline water is difficult and loss making.
It decreases the productivity of the soil and ultimately the farmers have to bear the great losses. In some cases they even has to abandon the land due to non fertile.

PROTON Crop Booster is designed to decrease the salinity of the irrigated water. It comes with 10 years warranty.
Major benefits of the PROTON Crop Booster
– Better development of first fruits and flowers
– 25% reduction in inferior grade fruit growth.
– Better quality & bigger fruits
– Increase in quantity of fruits grown
– Plants develop improved stress resistance
– Speed of crops’ standing.
– Vigorous development of root system.
– Reduces the scale forming in the drip lines.
– Improves the microbial action in the soil
– Difference in green mass compared to others.
– Easy to fit and remove no need of plumber.

Benefits to the farmer
– Dramatically increase the crop yield (150% reported)
– Increases the profit
– Early crop production so early returns
– Increase the keeping quality of fruits and vegetables so earns more returns from the harvest.
– Reduces the fertilizer cost and so savings money
– No additional cost for maintenance

Benefits of PROTON Crop Booster
– Increased root growth
– Moisture holding capacity of soil increases
– Less energy required for the irrigation.
– Saves water
– Increases fertilizer efficiency and reduces chemical cost.
– De scaling of pipe and drip which increase the efficiency of drip irrigation performance.
– Support in increasing the microbial growth of soil

– Flood irrigation system in agriculture field
– Drip & micro irrigation system
– Sprinkle irrigation system
– Golf irrigation system
– Green house micro irrigation and fogging system
– Misting system
– Lawn sprinkler system

In controlled large-scale field experiments it was found that magnetic treatment affects the quality of irrigation water. It was shown that treated water contributes to an increase in farm yields in crop farming, yield being expressed in quantity & Quality of the produce and in the specific economic contribution.