Natural and Organic farming


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Talk to an Expert on natural farming / permaculture farming / organic farming

Areas of expertise:

Natural farming, organic farming, sustainable farm management, water conservation, degraded soil management, soil building, restoration of abandoned farms, dairy/fish/poultry/duck/goat farming, preparation of organic inputs like manure, growth promoters and organic pesticides.

  1. Providing techniques to understand knowledge & importance about their local ecosystem of their farm.
  2. Identifying and advising importance of local eco system components (flora and fauna).
  3. Giving training about adoption of ancient knowledge of farming like Vrikshayurveda (ayurvedha for plants)
  4. Providing Suitable solutions to achieve sustainability of farm to enhance the farmers’ livelihood without spending more money. Ultimately sustainability of farm will be achieved.
  5. Various Organic Inputs preparation methods.
  6. Integrated farming with multiple cropping.

Environmental benefits of organic farming

  • Reduces cost to usage of Pesticides and Chemicals that are harmful for environments.
  • Builds Healthy Soil.
  • Helps to reduce soil Erosion.
  • Fights the Effects of Global Warming.
  • Supports Water Conservation and Water Health.
  • Supports Animal Health.
  • Encourages Biodiversity


“Basic principles of farming are Reducing, Repairing, Reusing and Recycling of each resources on farm by adopting these 4r’s we can improve our livelihood and reduce the losses.

Due to vast conventional farming methods Mother Nature was severally disturbed consequently Farmers also being losing their valuable assets like their fertile soil, balanced ecosystem and ultimately their livelihood – Be responsiveness to the eco system.

Benefits of permaculture

Suitably permaculture can be adopted to improve group of peoples or farmers community to enhance their livelihood.

The term ‘Permaculture’ is a ‘permanent agriculture’ and ‘permanent culture’. An agricultural system which focuses on the natural way of practicing agriculture, maintaining the ecological system and not strictly adhering to the systems followed in modern agriculture. “A philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single project system”.

Farm Activities – Handling

  • Natural / organic Farm of High Value Crops
  • Organic Animal Husbandry Projects of multiple animals including cow, buffalo, goat, duck, etc.
  • Organic Poultry Projects of multiple birds including chicken, duck, swan, quail etc.
  • Organic Fishery Projects for cultivation of fresh water
  • Apiary (Bee Keeping)
  • Mushroom Cultivation etc.
  • Farm Based Non Farming Enterprises:
  • Farm Tourism Projects: Nature Resorts, Hotels, Restaurants, Farm Houses/Holiday Homes, Natural Swimming Pools etc.
  • Farm Products Packing, Processing, and Value Adding Enterprises-all kinds of farm products.
  • Plant Nurseries& Seed Banks: Storing and propagation of traditional seeds, tissue culture saplings of all categories of plants
  • Organic Manure and Organic Pest Control Products production Enterprises.
  • Discarded Farms and Farm based Projects
  • Landscaping, Gardening, Roof Top Farming, etc.
  • Renewable Energy Projects: Solar energy-direct solar water pumping, farm solar energy generation and sale etc, biogas, biomass gasification waste to energy projects, wind and other renewable energy projects.

About the Expert

The expert is an agricultural graduate from Tirunelveli southern most part of India having more than 12 years of experience in various types of farming methods (natural/organic/conventional) by working with organic agricultural research organizations. And also having experience in marketing tie up & supply chain management of farm fresh fruits and vegetables to India’s largest organized retailers.

You can now speak to the expert over phone and have a detailed discussion on Organic farming

Once the payment is made, we will contact you to set up a time for the call with the expert. The call duration is normally 1 hour.  The call will be usually completed within one week

NOTE-The expert can speak/communicate in Tamil & English

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