Kiyotocoat Gel

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Description KIYTOCOAT™ Gel – Shelf Life enhancer for Fruits & Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are highly perishable commodity. If care is not taken after harvest, they will soon decay and
become unfit for human consumption. It has been realized that the loss has been occurring for many years due to lack
of proper facility especially post harvest management facility. Post harvest handling practices and technologies are
become very important due to increase in per capita consumption of fruits and vegetables and purchasing power of
urban people.
Novel method for post harvest storage:
KIYTOCOAT Gel is recommended by dipping vegetables / fruits in it. Chitosan or its oligosaccharide has attracted
much attention as an environmentally safe product. US EPA has declared the material safe for human use [Doc. No.
128930:2006].European Union Commission has approved its application to food, agriculture and cosmetics.
[Regulation (EC) No. 1107 / 2009]

Main features:
1. Natural bio-polymer.
2. Acts as bio- pesticide.
3. Bio-stimulant for physiological, biochemical actions.
4. It helps plant defend against certain fungal diseases, including early and late blight, downy and powdery mildew.

Salient features:
1. In long term storage of some fruits. 3 – 4 weeks at room temperature and 2 months at 4°C.
2. Film formation on the surface prevents bacterial attack & ethylene release is slowed down considerably.
3. KIYTOCOAT GEL stimulates biochemical processes. It brings about change in peel colour, keeps firmness.
4. Coating further improves disease severity.
Proposed process for ripening:
1. Washing fruits in water. Wipe dry.
2. Soaking in KIYTOCOAT GEL for 10 minutes.
3. Filter excess liquid for reuse.
4. Spread over plastic sheet / trays for natural drying. Max. 30 minutes.
5. Store in dry & safe place.