Jatan – Organic herbal plant growth promoter

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Organically prepared from medicinal herbal extracts, Jatan is an effective plant growth promoter. It can be used at any stage of cropping to boost plant growth. Its natural enzymes ensure:

Enhanced root growth and increased absorption capacity of nutrients from soil.
Increased shoot and branch growth due to rising plants vigour, vitality and health.
Long standing improved plant health
Increased immunity against infection of pest and diseases.
Plant is saved from the harmful effects of weather
Reduced flower dropping.
Increase in flowers and yield

Spray regularly at 20 day intervals to get the best yield of crops.


Seed treatment: For every 1 kg of seeds, use 10 ml Jatan in sufficient water and spray.

Soil application: For every 1 acre of soil, use 1 liter of Jatan

Foliar Spray: Shake the bottle well before use. For every 15 liter of water use 35 – 40 ml Jatan in 1 pump. Spray on plants in the evening. Jatan can be mixed with all our organic pest control products. Do not mix with any other chemical pesticides.