Guar Gum Powder

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Guar Gum is an important agrochemical derived from the seed endosperm of guar plant. Guar Gum is a creamish white free flowing powder and free from extraneous matter. Its ability to suspend solids, bind water by hydrogen bonding, control the viscosity of aqueous solutions and form strong tough films, have accounted for its rapid growth and use in various industries.

Industrial grade Guar Gum is used in Paper, Textile Processing, Explosives, Detergents, Drilling Fluids, Ceramics, Paints and many other industries.

Another reason for its popularity in the industry is its low cost. Its economical nature makes it popular in gums and stabilizers industry. In food industry, it has wide applications in ice cream, sauce, beverages, bakery and meat industry. It is also used in food products for supplementation as dietary fiber.

Therefore the property of GUAR GUM by Function (Thickening, Gelling, Binding, Friction Reducing), Application (Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Paper Manufacturing, Mining & Explosives, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics), Grade Guar Gum Industrial grade powder is used in some industries as follows:
– Textile Printing & Sizing. Fire Fighting, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, Printing Inks,Mosquito Mats
– Synthetic Resins, Paper Industry, Battery Electrolytes, Water Treatment, Floatation Agent
– Water Paint, Carpet Printing, Oil Well Drilling,Explosives, Mining

Packing:Guar Gum Powder is available in 25 kg. Net Multi-wallpaper bags with a polythene barrier.Smaller , indents by customer are supplied with plastic tins or paper bags as deems fit.

NOTE:Guar Gum Powder is available with Low to high Viscosity as per buyer?s requirement.We have the facility to produce, GUAR GUM derivatives , as per the customer requirement. Material will be dispatched only on mutual acceptance/ consent, of quality & quantity of the product. Our liability ceases once the Product is dispatched from our factory / godown.