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ENGIMINS AFRESHH: Better Yield, quality & Storage Life

This ENGIMIN contains organic chelated bio-available Calcium, Zinc, Boron and organic carbon along with amino nitrogen. ORGANIC CHELATION TECHNOLOGY: Gluconic acid is produced by biotechnology route. It is an effective chelating agent. Gluconic acid along with amino acids forms a bond with inorganic minerals to transform them into organically chelated, bioavailable & water soluble minerals. This bond facilitates the protection /encapsulation of nutrients till the time it is released to the crops.

Benefits :
• It reduces the production of ethylene and possible internal damage to the storage fabrics in farm produce. It increases the storage time of the fruits. It prevents fruit – rot and cracking.
• It helps in achieving productions of high commercial value and greater post-harvest life. It increases fruit boll, pod or bud set.
• It avoids the premature fall of flowers and fruits.
• It gives greater resistance to the plant in adverse phytopathogenic conditions.
• It increases resistance of plants to low temperatures & spring frost.
• It corrects calcium, boron and zinc deficiencies in the crop.
• It increases the feed value of forage / fodder crops.

Note – The price mentioned is for 1 liter quantity