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Nutrition For Crops In Alkaline/calcareous Soil

Nanowise is specially designed for the crops in calcareous soils.
This ENGIMIN contains gluconic acid – amino acid chelated Ferrous,Zinc, Manganese & organic matter along with amino nitrogen.

Gluconic acid & its salts are used extensively as sequestering agent for metal ions in alkaline system.The outstanding property of gluconic acid is its excellent chelating power,especially in alkaline & concentrated alkaline solution. Gluconic acid is a mild organic acid,neither caustic nor corrosive.It is non-toxic biodegradable & highly stable.It makes a bond with the minerals.
Organic acid shell protects the mineral, till it is released to the plants.

The ability of a mineral to be utilized by the plants is primarily a matter of size. These nano particles are absorbed by plant cells very effectively (bioavailable).So these are NANOWISE MINERALS!

The iron deficiency is typical of alkaline soils,having high pH & low in organic matter.Iron is essential for chlorophyll synthesis,it improves plant breathing process.

About 90% of the total zinc required as nutrition for plants moves towards roots by diffusion. This lateral movement of zinc is highly dependent upon the soil moisture and this is the reason of zinc deficiency in soil of arid and semi-arid areas.

Manganese can precipitate at high pH, lowering its availability.

Organic acid chelated bioavailable Ferrous,Zinc & Manganese in NANOWISE collectively act as an acidifier in alkaline soil & correct the deficiency. Organic carbon present in NANOWISE helps the crops in this situation.

Note – The price mentioned is for 1 liter quantity