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Mineral-protein-herbal Liquid

ELA-MULTY bioavailable nutrients are produced by aerobic fermentation process of glucose in presence of eco-friendly micro organisms. Gluconic acid forms a bond with mineral to form organic chelated mineral. It facilitates the protection of nutrient till the time it is released to the digestive system of the bird. These are organic salts in chelated form capable of supplying nutrients in absorbable condition at lower dosages.

Inorganic minerals in the poultry feed are destroyed during the digestion process due to interaction with other components of the feed, thus rendering the mineral unavailable to the body of bird. As inorganic mineral salts have unreliable solubility and poor bio availability of mineral, the need for a precise & reliable resource was felt, which resulted in evolution of ORGANIC FORM OF TRACE MINERALS-‘ENGIMINS -ELA-MULTY’.

These chelated minerals are fortified with Asparagus racemosus as immuno-stimulant, growth promoter and protein hydrolysates (amino acid) as protein source. These are water soluble, stable over wide pH range, bio-degradable and compatible with poultry feeds.
Bio-available organic minerals: Manganese, Sulphur, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Asparagus racemosus extract, Protein source.

Dilute 200 ml per 100 lit of water and feed the birds

Note – The price mentioned is for 1 liter quantity