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ELA MAX: Bio-available Protein- Mineral-Herbal Formula
An animal feed-supplement formula for livestock, which is water soluble, stable over a wide pH range, bio-available and compatible with animal feeds. Contains organically chelated zinc, iron, magnesium, copper and sulphur. Further, these chelated minerals are fortified with Asparagus racemosus for inducing lactation and protein hydrolysate (amino acid) as protein source.

• The formulation facilitates the protection of nutrients till they are released to the digestive system of the animal.
• These gluconic acid salts in chelated form are capable of supplying nutrients in absorbable condition at low dosages, combined with nutrition from protein hydrolysate and induction of lactation by Asparagus racemosus (known as ‘Shatavari’ in Indian sub-continent) root extract.

Note – The price mentioned is for 1 liter quantity

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