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Organic Carrier For Chemical Fertilizers
We bring you Integrated Nutrient Management through EKATMA. Mixing of EKATMA with chemical fertilizers and micronutrients enhances their availability to the crops which results in increased yield.
EKATMA contains an organic chelating agent and organic carbon. These ingredients act synergistically for enhancing uptake of nutrients from the soil.

EKATMA contains an organic chelating agent , which forms a bond with inorganic minerals to transform them into organically chelated, bioavailable minerals. This bond facilitates the protection/ encapsulation till the time they are released to the crops. It also contains organic carbon, which is a source of all life. Receiving fertilizers in the soil under the right conditions is the first step in fulfilling the crop yield potential.

Smart coat of fertilizers using EKATMA reduces the risk of planting in adverse soil and weather conditions as nutrients become readily available for establishment and growth.Increased availability/uptake of nutrients give crops an initial headstart

Some fertilizers could cause injury to the seed due to two factors-the salt index and production/release of ammonia. High salt concentration around the seed can lead to loss of stored nutrients and water from the seed. Secondly, the release of ammonia from fertilizers can be toxic to the early seed. EKATMA reduces these risks by buffering the salty concentrations and making nutrients in soil available to the seed immediately after it comes in contact with the fertilizers.
Crops undergo a period of stress at the time of germination/cultivation phase. EKATMA helps the crops to overcome stress.
EKATMA maintains soil pH and EC by counterbalancing the excess alkaline salts in the soil.

Method of application:
Application through mixing with fertilizers: Mix 250 ml of EKATMA with 50 kg of urea, and mix 750 ml of EKATMA with 50 kg of NPK fertilizers (with varying proportions of N,P and K), before their application in the soil. EKATMA can also be used in combination with organic manure. Mix 5 liters of EKATMA with 500 kg of manure and apply at root zone in one acre
Note: Cover the EKATMA treated chemical fertilizer with soil and irrigate.
Apply at root zone of crops.

Note – The price mentioned is for 1 liter quantity