Anthurium plant

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The flowers of the anthurium plant are known as painted tongue, flamingo flower (flamingo lily) or tail flower due to its specific shape. Anthurium potted plants are widely demanded in the market for their brightly colored flower spathes and their ornamental leaves that add elegant look to the rooms. These shade loving plants can brighten up your living area for months, without much care or maintenance. The potted anthurium plants are available in various colours and are shipped throughout india. We are recognized as one of the stupendous anthurium plant manufacturers in india. Our beautiful anthurium plants make great gifts.we can supply young tissue culture anthurium plants (well hardened) of cut flower and pot varieties.

Along with these plants we can also supply other foliage and nursery plants like Palm, Bromeliads, Adenium, Croton,etc. and can also provide tissue culture consultancy.